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Picture BooksPicture Books

These are charming stories with award-winning illustrations. Meet Garys favorite characters, the cool urban cats named Chato and Novio Boy, and a family Christmas story about one of his favorite foods, tamales.

Short Stories, 
Ages 10 - 14Short Stories, Ages 10 - 14

Gary began his career with Baseball in April, published in 1990 to wide acclaim. Three additional collections offer up realistic stories that will move readers as well as make them laugh and think. The New York Times says of his stories, nothing less than remarkable.

Poetry for Younger 
Readers, Ages 8 - 14Poetry for Younger Readers, Ages 8 - 14

Gary offers poetry that is accessible, fun, vivid, and meaningful. An established writer of national recognition in the adult poetry field, Gary can turn interesting phrases and provide images for younger readers without confusing them. These collections will spark interest in poetry.

Ages 10 - 14Novels, Ages 10 - 14

Meet Marissa, the loud girl, in Accidental Love, and meet two boys who turn into chimpanzees in Mercy on These Teenage Chimps. These are but two of his many enlightening and true-to-life novels. His writing is quick, yet offers lasting impressions for teens.

Books for Adults 
and High School StudentsBooks for Adults and High School Students

Gary began writing poetry in the early 1970s. Since then, he has earned a place in American Letters, particularly with his collection New and Selected Poems. See this book as well as his novels, essays, plays, and memoir.


Gary offers portraits of Cesar Chavez, the great labor leader and co-founder of the United Farm Workers, and Jessie De La Cruz, the first female recruiter for the union. Lets not forget that Mexicans and Mexican Americans helped shape this country. Find out about their struggles and hard work.